Flexpoint and YouRehab team up to deliver glove-based rehabilitation system

Flexpoint Sensor Systems, Inc. and Switzerland-based YouRehab AG announce the continued collaboration and commercialization of "YouGrabber." The product is a key component of the YouRehab advanced suite of medical rehabilitation technology products.

The Flexpoint Bend Sensor was chosen by YouRehab in 2015 as a cornerstone of the innovative, glove-based (wearable), system. According to Mr. Andreas Hochstetter, YouRehab CEO, "The range of sensors offered by Flexpoint allows us to fulfill the demanding requirements in rehabilitation. The sensors have to react immediately with high precision even to the smallest movements of severely affected patients. Motivation is key in rehabilitation and the sensors of Flexpoint close the loop between the patient's activity and our motivating rehabilitation training."

The YouRehab rehabilitative therapy suite is comprised of YouGrabber, YouKicker and YouInteract , a number of integrated and complimentary product offerings featuring the devices of innovative Virtual Reality Rehabilitation and customized Therapy Management software. The systems are designed to be used by hospitals, physical therapy centres, physician offices and at home by patients of all ages, at all stages of care. This "life cycle" rehabilitation experience ensures streamlined, consistent quality care throughout a patient's rehabilitative term.

Market development and market adoption for the YouRehab solutions has been ongoing since 2011. The solutions are made available through an established and growing distributor and dealer network world-wide. As the market acceptance is growing and the global interest for sensor based rehabilitation devices is reaching a new peak, it is anticipated purchase order volume for Bend Sensors will increase in kind. 

YouRehab, established in 2010, is a spin-off company of the world famous ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich, Switzerland. Its passion for innovative rehabilitation devices offers the possibility of more attractive, more intensive and more successful therapy. Highly motivating software supported by state of the art sensor technology is their specialty. Gamification is proven to highly motivate patients to complete their training during therapy and even to exceed the set goals.  

"Flexpoint is honored to be a part of this exciting, collaborative relationship with YouRehab. The company is setting new standards for next-gen, virtual reality enabled technology in the medical rehabilitative space," commented Paul Sexauer, Flexpoint Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Flexpoint is in receipt of production orders and expects this relationship to increasingly contribute to the company's success on a quarterly basis in 2017 and for many years to come.   

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