Fixposition raises USD 6 million in seed round extension

Cultivation Capital, G&M Capital, Hasler Stiftung, MiraclePlus, Momenta, and True Ventures have invested in Fixposition’s seed extension round. The startup, provider of high-precision navigation sensors for autonomous robotic systems using satellite technology, will use the funds to expand production, accelerate go-to-market speed and explore new market opportunities.

The Zurich based startup Fixposition develops deep sensor fusion technology fusing RTK-GNSS (global navigation satellite system), IMU (inertial measurement unit), and computer vision data to ensure highly reliable centimeter-accurate positioning in all environments, even where other systems fail. “Our next-generation product incorporates all the findings gained from closely working with our partners in the last year,” explained Lukas Meier, CTO and co-founder of Fixposition. “With the next release of our cutting-edge sensor fusion engine, along with all new hardware, we’ve pushed the performance and stability of the Vision-RTK product line to the next level, while also simplifying its integration and design-in-ability.”

Designed for customers in the professional Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), ground robotics and automotive fields, the technology expands the operational opportunities of autonomous robots and enables new players to participate in this market.

The USD 5.95 million investment from its seed extension round will be used to bring Fixposition’s next-generation product into production, execute its market strategy, and expand its portfolio through strategic partnerships in the autonomous navigation space. Fixposition will also use the funds to develop its complementary services to future-proof its solutions, and make customer integrations and support a priority.

“Autonomy and digitalization in agriculture, logistics, and smart cities are the keys to solving global challenges such as food security, labour shortages, and the green energy transition,” said Zhenzhong Su, CEO and co-founder of Fixposition. “Fixposition is continuously developing an indispensable component of autonomy: precise positioning that works everywhere. We are excited to welcome our new investors who share our vision and are sincerely grateful for their support as well as the continued support of our existing investors”. Investors in this round are Cultivation Capital, G&M Capital, Hasler Stiftung, MiraclePlus, Momenta Partners, and True Ventures.

(Press release / RAN)
Photo L-R: Zhenzhong Su, CEO & Co-founder and Lukas Meier, Co-founder