Five Swiss projects recognized for promoting sustainable development


The Swiss Youth and Future prize 'Together we're better' recognizes projects designed to promote sustainable development in Switzerland’s partner countries. Five out of 92 projects won the award prizes of between CHF 10‘000 and CHF 4000.


Organized by the SDC and SECO, the Swiss Youth and Future prize 'Together we're better' in order to promote innovative ideas, initiatives and projects by young people committed to sustainable development in countries where Switzerland carries out development cooperation work. Ninety-two projects were submitted from all over Switzerland, covering a wide range of areas, including agriculture, the environment, water, job creation, health, street children, orphanages and schools in impoverished urban settings. During the Annual Conference of Swiss Development Cooperation, a six-member jury composed of representatives of the SDC, SECO, NGOs and sustainable development actors selected five winning projects in five categories. The winners in their respective categories include; Oxara - category 'Think globally, act locally' (CHF 10’000). Oxara is developing Healthy and Affordable floors for local Rwandans. Founded by Gnanli Landrou the ETH-Spin-off company uses locally available landfill waste (excavation materials) to produce a clay-based concrete. The solution is comparable to existing ones, however, it is 2.5 times cheaper and 20 times more eco-friendly. Circleg - category 'Start-up' (CHF 8000). Circleg is developing a prosthetic system for the needs of people with amputations in developing countries such as Kenya and Uganda where demand for affordable prosthetics is high. The startup uses recycled plastic waste and simple production methods for the development of the Circleg prosthetic system. Production is done locally and cost-effectively. Stay Clean Association - category 'Start-up' (CHF 8000). Through the project "Toilet for all – sustainable sanitation" the Association aims to help the poor by building and setting up sanitary blocks in important and populated areas. The approach helps to prevent potential risks of contagion due to the pathogenic germs contained in the stool and to convey good health practices. Plástico Fantástico - category 'Upcycling for Sustainable Development' (CHF 8000). The team produces financially competitive construction materials from plastic waste. This will lead to a reduction in plastic waste and enables the construction of more sustainable housing in a fast-growing city. The project will be executed in low-income urban settlements of Maputo, Mozambique. Community Project Award E[co]work won the Community prize «Coeur de publique» (CHF 4000). E[co]work is building an innovative and affordable co-working space for micro-entrepreneurs in the e-waste recycling sector in India, starting with Dehli. The goal is to fill the gap between informal dismantlers of e-waste (electronic waste), legal requirements and safe recycling practices. E[co]work opens new opportunities for micro-entrepreneurs to continue their work with legitimacy, enables them to grow as eco-entrepreneurs while preventing health hazards and environmental pollution. The team provides adequate tools, protection, ventilation, lighting, machines as well as services such as training, healthcare, banking and digital access. (RAN)