Five startups awarded the CTI Startup Label

The CTI Startup label has been awarded to five innovative startups stemming from differing branches. These include; emaginal, Eturnity, Innveri, Prexton Therapeutics and See Your Box.

The Commission for Technology and Innovation has awarded the CTI Startup Label to five startups that have successfully completed the CTI coaching program. These include:

Emaginal AG, Root (LU) The Luzern based startup has developed an online fitness platform “hoolio” using the WebRTC technology. The hoolio app enables users to work out with friends, integrate their wearables and track their fitness progress. The app is incorporated with a library of video workouts suitable anybody’s lifestyle. Hoolio curates the best fitness videos on the internet into one accessible place, the shared screen technology then allows users to invite friends to join their workout adding a social aspect that’s being missing from home workouts. With both free and paid memberships, hoolio is accessible to everyone, but offers a premium experience similar to successful entertainment streaming services. Along with curated videos, hoolio streams original video content created by leading trainers.

Eturnity AG, Chur (GB) The startup is helping home owners to answer all questions about solar power before they invest. The Eturnity LEA platform measures electricity consumption, streams and locates specific solar data from an online weather station network and simulates a battery system, which stores all excess solar energy. Home owners will get a precise assessment of their financial return of the simulated system. Eturnity’s platform is used to automate the complete sales process for solar power systems and to cut the time per acquisition to a fraction. LEA is useful for energy utilities, system manufacturers and solar power installers. Customers include companies such as CKW.

Innveri AG, Murten (FR) Established by Manfred Jüni, Innveri has developed a sustainable and adequate solution to simplify and safeguard the handling of food in private households. It uses the principle of packaging in a controlled atmosphere which is nowadays a standard in the food industry. This endavor has won the company various international patents one of them for instance for their innovative zzysh bottle resealing system. The zzysh seal enables users to store opened champagne or wine bottles for several weeks whilst retaining its freshness, aroma and taste.

Prexton Therapeutics SA, Plan-les-Ouates (GE) Prexton Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company developing innovative drugs to improve the quality of life of people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease and other brain disorders. The Geneva based startup has therefore designed novel mGluR4 compounds as new treatment for Parkinson’s disease. In their recently completed phase 2 clinical study the startup tested the first mGluR4, which was found to be safe and well tolerated.

See Your Box GmbH, Zürich The company has developed an IOT based solution that enables monitoring of sensitive goods being transported across boarders or anywhere. The credit-card-sized device packed with both virtual and physical sensors enables users in Logistic companies to monitor the condition of the large amounts of goods in real-time during the transportation of goods. In case of complications, the user will be alerted followed by application of emergency procedures designed for each particular company.