Five start-ups selected for the Climate-KIC Accelerator programme in Zurich

Climate-Kic has selected five cleantech startups with outstanding solutions that address climate change to join the 18-months acceleration program. The selected startups include: Advantec Polymers, AURAIA, Pickwings, Neovili and SelfPuris.

The climate-KIC accelerator programme is an 18-months dedicated to shaping and supporting early stage cleantech startups with ideas that have a significant impact to counter climate change. Following the two day boot-camp in Zurich, startups that demonstrated the feasible solutions were nominated to join the program.

“I am astonished and very enthusiastic about the diversity of the start-ups that applied for the programme. High potential business cases with climate benefits seem to be sector independent. Our next step is to offer them the necessary business coaching and to connect them to Climate-KIC’s pan-European network of start-ups, partners and investors”, says Renato Galli, Accelerator Programme Manager.

The five startups include:

Advantec Polymers – Speciality chemical company aiming to reduce energy consumption in industrial processes. The startup is providing a chemical which can be used in existing processes to reduce energy consumption in the manufacturing in wood composite boards. The chemical will be produced by a tolI manufacturer and Advantec polymers will act as a reseller.

AURAIA (Genève) – has developed a novel Quantum AI platform that accurately predicts Air Quality & Climate health impacts and resulting financial risks for: (1) Equity Investment managers to assess utility equities financial, energy, climate, air quality and health risks, predict regulations and potential crises, benchmark best in class equities and optimize wealth and sustainability of portfolio; (2) Utility owners to assess health impacts, benchmark performance, predict regulations and identify scenarios to reduce health impacts and enhance valuation for acquisitions; and (3) Healthcare to predict and prevent health effects and automotive to enhance passengers’ safety. AURAIA is the first to combine world class air quality and climate models to real time health impact with Quantum AI to assess financial market risk.

Pickwings (Zug) – offers a platform for optimises the matchmaking for shipments between carriers and senders. The startup provide a platform, which brings together carriers and shipments. The platform gives the carrier an overview where his trucks are and where new shipments are located, and enables the scheduler to take open shipments, if they match a route of a truck and assign it. The whole pickup and delivery process is digital and documented from pick-up until delivery, to allow for shipment tracking, pallet management and incident management for every carrier. Pickwings also provides drivers with an App with which they can follow the shipment process using smartphone app.

Neovili – Fashion clean, circular, automated and smart value chain model neutralizing climate change impact. The startup brings a life time digital manufacturing technology for clothing which using machine learning and tracked body morphology that bring a powerful style recommendation to the customer while ensuring total optimization of resources. With the automated and digital manufacturing, Neovili will be able to extend the product life infinitely. When the cycle of one piece seems to attain its peak, the piece goes to the recycling system, being processed and resulting in a raw material that will build a new piece with a new cycle forward.

SelfPuris – Enabling on-site water treatment and reuse. SelfPuris has developed a robust product that treats used water without chemicals, with very little energy, and absolute easy operation and maintenance. With the help of indigenous thinking and modification of the technology, the team uses bacteria to help the purification process. Furthermore, the startup is conceptualizing to extend its product with Internet of Things to control installed devices remotely and to monitor water quality and to optimize the system performance. Owing to the modular design and conception, the startup can build devices in different sizes and customize them to the water quality desired by the customer. The product enables the customer to cut down water expenses by 50 –80% through recycling used water from showers, washing basins, sinks, dishwashers, and washing machines, and reusing it on-site, hence reducing physical and economical scarcity of water.