Five energy startups join the Climate Collider in the US

The second edition of the Climate Collider program held in Boston and Houston will support five startups, enabling them to explore fresh opportunities with players in the energy sector. The selected startups are developing solutions spanning customizable high-efficiency solar cells to off-grid bioenergy for electric vehicles.

The Climate Collider is a startup exchange program powered by Swissnex and Innosuisse to build a transatlantic startup community and foster international collaboration in climate innovation. This spring edition of Climate Collider focuses on energy technologies.  

The Swiss founders will arrive in Boston on March 13 for a three-day stay, during which they will trade insights and experience with local peers and experts in challenge workshops, feedback sessions, and networking events, including Climate Innovators Café. The following week, the founders will travel to Houston to connect with innovators in the “energy capital of the world,” taking part in meetings and workshops at Greentown Labs Houston and the Ion Innovation District, and making global connections at CERAWeek, one of the energy industry’s premier annual conferences. Throughout the program, the Swiss startups will be joined by Boston- and Houston-based energy startups.

The Startups from Switzerland are:

Apheros – uses its patented production processes developed at ETH Zürich to develop high-porosity metal foams offering better performance due to their extremely high surface area and low-density. Applications range from cooling to green hydrogen production and energy storage.

Grensol – uses photolysis to process mixed plastic from recycled cars that cannot be recycled, diverting waste into carbon-neutral hydrogen, methane and solid carbon.

Perovskia Solar – designs and manufactures custom-printed high-efficiency solar cells for wearables, IoT devices, and sensors capable of operating in low-light conditions.

RTDT – offers a no-code cloud-based software tool and a wireless, self-sufficient, best-in-class sensor module to monitor and diagnose the health of wind turbines in real-time.

WattAnyWhere – develops fuel cell-based, pollutant-free generators that convert renewable ethanol into clean electricity for EV charging.