First Cohort for Tenity’s Digital Health Incubation Program

Tenity welcomed ten early-stage startups to its inaugural Digital Health Incubation Program in Zurich. From June 3rd, the program spans masterclasses throughout the year and will culminate in a Demo Day on October 10th. 

Zurich-based incubator Tenity partnered up with the Digital Health Center Bülach (DHC) and Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB) to launch a Digital Health Incubation Program, set to run from 2024 until 2028. The year-long incubation program was designed to support startups in the early stages of development, with the goal of optimally preparing them for and successfully concluding their first round of financing.  

Aiming to support ten cohorts in the next four years, the first edition attracted 113 applications. Ten early-stage startups, including eight from Switzerland, were selected. They are building promising solutions in various areas such as AI-assistant clinical trials, digital health platforms and AI-powered diagnosis devices.  

The startup teams will embark on an incubation journey that includes several masterclasses scheduled throughout the year: Masterclass 2 in July, Masterclass 3 in September, and Masterclass 4 in October. The program will culminate in a Demo Day on October 10th, where the startups will showcase their progress. 

Meet the ten startups selected inBatch 1:  

AllesHealth AG (Basel): integrate AI-driven voice-to-text, optimized workflow data analysis and patient-specific treatment plans to enhance clinical decision-making and patient outcomes.  

e.rupt (Zurich): science-driven mental health app, focuses on promoting men's health by addressing erectile dysfunction and mental health issues. It features cognitive behavior therapy, biofeedback training, and ensures complete autonomy and anonymity for its users.   

adamcares AG (Bülach): offers language documentation at the push of a button - the Ambient AI automatically documents the Swiss German conversation between the nursing staff and the patient across modules in the patient file – thus alleviating workload for nursing staff.    

Elysia Solutions (St. Gallen): a platform that analyzes biological and digital biomarkers to provide personalized health monitoring and predictive insights into biological and metabolic health. The tool provides health professionals with tailored prevention protocols, while consumers use their user-friendly app to manage their health effectively.   

PhenomX Health (Saint-Sulpice): the first precision nutrition digital health platform for women going through their peri- to postmenopause transformation. They support business enterprises, such as pharmacies, practitioner nutrition apothecaries and FMCGs aiming to build knowledge, tools, products and practice that support menopause through nutrition and scientific wellness.   

SkinMind (Lugano): a highly accurate, AI-powered device accessible via smartphone and web, designed for fast-resulting self-diagnosis of skin lesions. It aids doctors in enhancing the quality of their diagnostic services and empowers patients to check their skin lesions easily and securely, facilitating the early detection of skin cancers. 

SwissDTx GmbH (Meyriez): a SaaS-based collaboration software for blended psychotherapy and blended care. Their digital collaboration platform connects medical professionals and their patients, enabling them to attend evidence-based and blended interventions remotely. 

Via Communa (St. Gallen): offers a digital companion for stroke patients and their relatives in physiotherapy and psychology in close collaboration with medical-service providers. Their technology enables clinics to extend their care with a digital approach at home. Patients can adhere to their therapy plans, while both patients and family members receive guidance for everyday life.   

juli (Boston, USA): an AI powered platform for people with chronic conditions. Their patient-facing app improves outcomes by engaging patients in their own wellness, while improving outreach and care plans by supporting insurers and providers via FHIR-based B2B integration. 

Menken OÜ (Tartu, Estonia): advanced AI to automate and improve the monitoring of clinical trials, making them faster, more accurate, and efficient, outperforming current methods like remote, risk-based, and on-site monitoring. The system continuously checks data in real-time, reducing the need for manual oversight and ensuring high-quality results.    

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