Fintech startups to lure investors

Swiss Fintech Investor Day is taking place on 30th November in a hybrid format. The SICTIC expert team has selected 12 startups on stage to pitch to the audience, which includes a broad range of investors.

The Swiss Fintech Investor Day provides early-stage fintech startups looking for funding with a platform to present their solutions to an audience comprising of investors including angel investors, family offices, venture capitalists, and corporate ventures as well as individuals interested in exploring new technologies in the fintech sector. Since the launch in 2016, the event has seen a funding success rate of more than 50% for 12 startups that pitch every year, hence making it an excellent matchmaking platform for startups and angel investors.

This year the event takes place in a hybrid format with the speakers being live-streamed from Trust Square in Zürich.

During the fifth edition, the following startups will pitch their solutions:

Agryo by Few Nickels Tecnologia da Informação LTDA – Agryo is a data driven AgFintech platform that creates credit profiles for traditionally under-served farming families through sophisticated risk intelligence and predictive yield algorithms. Agryo supports financing through a peer-to-peer lending network and agricultural debt investment accounts.

eCollect AG – Europe's leading receivables management platform

ETFbook by SquaredData GmbH – B2B SaaS solution for quick and shareable Exchange Traded Funds analytics

Evolute AG – SaaS enabled marketplace for independent wealth managers and multi-family offices.

Ratyng by Onloan GmbH – enables organizations to efficiently assess financial stability by offering easy access to highly accurate credit risk models without the need for complex and time-consuming inputs.

Riskwolf AG – built a platform that uses real-time data-driven insights to help insurers to serve emerging market customers better.

Stableton Financial AG – offers a next-Generation Marketplace for Alternative Investments

Systemcredit AG – disrupts the traditional lending business for small business loans by deploying technology, AI, machine learning and automated algorithms.

Timewise AG – offers a platform that allows companies to plan and implement flexible career breaks with income in case of further education, family time or early retirement.

Tresio GmbH – provides a platform for SMEs to plan their Cash flow

Vestun GmbH – combines numerical AI approach with cognitive reasoning to enable explainable and enhanced human-like insights capabilities.

Wearonize AG – provides the technology to help watch manufacturers and fashion brands to integrate payment functions in their products, and supply banks and credit card issuers with secure and innovative payment methods that satisfy emerging customer needs.

Registration for the event is still open.