Financial boost to accelerate Oncobit’s personalised care technology

Oncobit develops cancer-specific tests that enable doctors to characterise and monitor cancer and subsequently prescribe the best treatment for each patient. The Schlieren based startup has received CHF 150,000 from Venture Kick to obtain regulatory approval for its cancer diagnostics and monitoring products and launch them on the European market.

Every cancer is different; however, diagnostic tests are rarely cancer-specific. Existing diagnostic tests do not provide adequate information to optimally treat each cancer individually, which is a critical factor for patients’ health and well-being. Follow-up visits are cumbersome, and the interpretation of diagnostic tests and treatment options can be overwhelming.

Oncobit is developing diagnostic and monitoring tests to provide a detailed understanding of genomic cancer alterations throughout the patient’s history. This knowledge allows physicians to make treatment decisions specific to each patient’s cancer. Through its solutions (Oncobit™ DxM, LBM, and PM), Oncobit addresses the rapidly expanding precision oncology market and personalised disease monitoring using non-invasive technologies. Although the company will initially focus on melanoma, which affects 300,000 patients worldwide every year, its data-centric approach ensures that all tests are scalable and adaptable to other types of cancer.

Incorporated in 2018, Oncobit was inaugurated by physicians and scientists at the University Hospital Zurich and ETHZ who joined their experience in cancer, life science, and startup entrepreneurship to make a difference in personalised cancer care. Claudia Scheckel spearheads the spin-off as Chief Executive Officer.

The funding from Venture Kick allows the startup team to obtain regulatory approval for its cancer diagnostics and monitoring products and launch them on the European market. The startup aims to obtain ISO13485 certification and CE marking of its first product in the upcoming months. The approval will allow Oncobit to launch its personalised melanoma monitoring solution in Switzerland after that.

“Aside from the visibility and financial contributions we obtained from Venture Kick, we really appreciated the feedback during the boot camps and the jury sessions. Venture Kick helped us to prepare for challenges and reach important milestones, and it accompanied us through several critical stages—from fundraising to ISO certification,” said Scheckel.

(Press release/RAN)