Fast Start for Polytech Ecosystem Ventures

Last March Polytech Ecosystem Ventures announced the closing of the first fund. Since March the fund has invested in 14 Swiss start-ups.

Polytech Ecosystem Ventures is a new seed and early stage venture firm with offices in Lausanne, Switzerland and San Francisco, USA. The aim of the new venture firm is to support the unprecedented growth in Swiss and European tech innovation by creating a bridge to Silicon Valley for ICT start-ups.

The new fund started in Silicon Valley style and invested already in 20 start-ups. Here are the 14 that are from Switzerland:

Based on 12 years of R&D and clinical trials with more than 2500 patients, Altoida has developed complex everyday activities providing neuromotor biomarkersthat can diagnose Alzheimer’s disease 5 years prior to onset with 94% accuracy using smartphones and augmented reality. The company raised CHF1.2 million from Polytech two other venture funds and private investors.

Apelab is a production studio specialized in interactive storytelling for virtual reality and mobile devices. Their focus is on creating accessible and engaging user experiences through compelling storyworlds and innovative gameplays. The studio creates games and interactive stories using Spatial Stories, their toolkit tailored-made for interactive VR & AR content creation.

Artmyn provides a solution for highly accurate digitization of visual artworks, with interactive rendering on mobile devices and accessible via a web browser. A unique portable scanner captures gigabytes of data describing the artwork in its finest details, which, along with proprietary web technologies, result in a “true-to-life” visualisation.

Biowatch is developing biometric identification system (Biowatch buckle), which transforms the watch into a secure source of identification using the unique pattern of your veins. The biowatch buckle can be integrated into a watch, smart-band or bracelet.

Procsea is the first business-to-business seafood marketplace. The start-up specalises in the trade of traceable wild and farmed seafood, connecting buyers and sellers together in real time. Buyers have access to a multitude of carefully selected suppliers, directly from the European ports, without the middle man.

OneVisage is a leading cyber-security company founded in 2013 with offices in Lausanne and Zurich. In 2016 the company unveiled the first biometric authentification solution for mobile devices that is totally password-free for customers, co-workers and IT administrators.

In addition to these financing rounds Polytech Ecosystem participated in eight rounds that were already mentioned on startupticker. These included investments in Ava, Beekeeper, Codecheck, Domosafety, Inpher, Lend, Saphetor and Swisspay.