Faitron secures six-digit funding

Healthy and warm food – anytime and anywhere: That is the vision of Faitron. The Swiss start-up has developed a lunchbox, HeatsBox, heating any meal within 15 minutes.

During high school in Zurich, the two Co-Founders Fabian Graf and Aron Kenessey (picture from left to right) faced a daily challenge to find the right solution for lunchtime. While eating in the cafeteria could have been healthy, the food lacked in flavor and going to the city center was time consuming and expensive. There was a huge need to find a solution that allowed them to heat up food anywhere and that’s how the idea behind HeatsBox was formed. As Aron, the Co-Founder and CMO, says, “every single person could use HeatsBox to make their life more convenient.”

After a development period of four years, the team found a patent pending heating solution and incorporated it to create the HeatsBox. The HeatsBox has a heating time of less than 15 minutes for all types of foods. This enables a customer to have flexibility when it comes to food consumption in when, where and what they would like to eat. Several home appliance companies have already successfully tested the product. As Alp Somyurek, Member of the Board at Arzum comments, “Your innovative product is impressive and has passed all the technical assessments.”

Faitron cares about a customer’s well being and wants to help improve their lifestyle quality through convenient consumer products and a healthier way of eating. With the HeatsBox, Faitron is minimizing food waste and supporting sustainability within the food industry.

In January 2016, Faitron decided to redesign its meaningful product. To achieve a sleek and modern design, Faitron partnered with the Chicago-based boutique design firm Rubrik Design. For the redesign, the team wanted to come up with a useful, yet distinctive and high quality product which allows the design to explain its own functions. The redesign is not just limited to a new design approach. This new design includes never before seen innovative features in the home appliance industry that have been protected in a second IP round including a second patent application. Faitron is excited to unveil the new design within the next few days.

Most recently, Faitron successfully closed the first seed investment round for HeatsBox supported by private Swiss investors and also announced the official incorporation of its headquarters in St. Gallen, Switzerland. This sets a significant milestone in company history. Faitron is delighted to be able to work with smart money investors who understand the massive growing need of convenience, health and mobility. The funding will mainly be used to for finalization of the HeatsBox and the follow-up commercialization.

(Press release)