F Ective attracts PwC


Great success for CEO Andy Kobelt. The Zurich talent match making platform F Ective, offering corporate companies the chance to find talents for their projects, has already registered more than 500 members.


The labour market is transforming at a faster rate as more companies are in search for individuals to build dynamic teams to run designated projects at a flexible, short-term and on an on-demand basis. “Increasing flexible and agile workforces have become crucial for companies to compete in a highly demanding and fast changing market environment”, said Andy Kobelt (photo), CEO and Founder of F Ective.

Based on this, the four co-founders including, Andy Kobelt (CEO), Jeroen van de Wetering, Eckhard Kühn and Ciril Baselgia developed the platform F Ective. “Our goal is to bridge this gap by giving companies access to a broad pool of potential employees,” said Kobelt.

The platform addresses three types of audiences. The first audience are companies who publish projects on the platform. The second audience are freelancers, and the third client category are consulting firms. These have the opportunity to invite their employees to register for diverse projects on the platform. Upon registration, F Ective uses machine learning to assess the skills and qualifications of the applicant and once they match those a company is looking for, the candidate will be connected to the company.

Launched in early this month, F Ective has had a successful beginning. 6 corporates from the financial sectors have registered on the platform. Thanks to their unique approach, the platform has attracted consulting companies such as PwC and freelancers; to-date more than 550 are registered and already 20 matches have been made in two weeks following the launch.