Exponential growth at windsor.ai

Early this year, windsor.ai, the rapidly growing marketing analytics platform, had 35 customers. Today, the startup counts over 120 customers in 86 countries, with revenues reaching USD 60’000 every month.

windsor.ai’s mission is to become the market leader of marketing data integration by allowing marketers to easily connect all their platforms. The Zurich-born business - with offices in Singapore and Germany - provides over 50 connectors and integrations to widely used marketing tools, including Facebook, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Amazon, Shopify, Hubspot, Salesforce, and more, allowing customers to visualise, use, and stream data in any tool and optimise customer journeys. 

Since its early founding years in 2017, windsor.ai has been focussing on data-centric enterprise clients. Starting in late 2020 it launched a self-service program, which immediately started growing rapidly. Joining data from different sources is becoming a top priority for senior management across industries, and the demand for better tools that enable seamless integration has increased. windsor.ai also greatly benefited from the ongoing trend of marketing budgets moving from offline to online channels, which has led to exponential growth in signups. 

More than 120 customers from 86 countries across all continents are currently using the solution. The ten-man team remains ambitious to accelerate growth even further. Next year’s target is to reach 1000 customers and expand into the United States while strengthening its position in Europe and the Asia Pacific.

Revenues are equally soaring month on month, and the startup currently generates over USD 60’000 per month. “We are on track to double the annual revenues this year”, states Matthias Kraaz, Chief Operating Officer at Windsor.ai.