Exnaton expands to Austria

Energy software provider Exnaton is launching a new pilot project in Austria in partnership with the innovation lab of the utility company Illwerke vkw. Around 30 households will use Exnaton’s solution to trade energy among themselves.

The difference between the amount of energy consumed and produced among households with photovoltaic systems is significantly high, yet current solutions have not been able to address this gap to provide energy producers with better alternatives to utilise their surplus energy.

Zurich-based Exnaton AG, founded by Liliane Ableitner (CEO), Arne Meeuw (CTO) and Anselma Wörner (COO) developed an energy software platform that facilitates local peer-to-peer renewable energy transactions within energy communities. The software enables energy providers to exploit their smart meter data by providing their customers with an easy-to-access billing tool to facilitate the exchange of electricity. Billing data is essential for internal data processing. For end-users including households, photovoltaic owners, and small businesses the software makes their energy data transparent and easy-to-understand, thanks to real-time data visualisation via a mobile app.

The first pilot launched as part of the project Quartierstrom in collaboration with Wasser- und Elektrizitätswerk Walenstadt (WEW) was successful. More than 35 households participated in the project, and they have been able to save up to CHF 200 per year. WEW is now a paying customer to Exnaton.

New customer from Austria
In a new project, the startup has confirmed the signing of a new partnership agreement with the innovation lab of Illwerke vkw, the largest energy supply and service company in the Austrian province of Vorarlberg. According to Martin Fischer, innovation manager, the company “is looking into energy communities as a promising strategy for realizing the energy transition.” The partnership allows the utility to provide Exnaton’s platform to 30 households that will participate in the project. The project is unique in the way that it also integrates a local biogas power plant. The project has already kicked off and the two companies are currently finalising the final steps in preparation for the official launch later this year.

In the meantime, Exnaton is in advanced discussions with further partners to set up further pilot projects. According to Liliane Ableitner, “Partnerships are an essential aspect of our business model. Besides utility companies, we have a partnership with a hardware provider to develop standardised interfaces to smart meter systems for an accelerated deployment process. We are also about to sign a partnership with an ERP system provider to make the billing process for energy providers more seamless.”

Photo: Team Exnaton L-R: Liliane Ableitner, Arne Meeuw and Anselma Wörner