Ex-Booking.com manager joins The Trip Boutique


The Trip Boutique is on the verge of expanding its travel advisory platform as part of its growth plan. Its new Chief Operating Officer, Juliana Gallo will support this vision. Gallo brings a wealth of experience as former regional manager North America at Booking.com.


Founded in 2017, the travel tech start-up The Trip Boutique is a travel advisory platform that leverages technology to make travel planning seamless and travels meaningful. Using a unique combination of AI and human expertise, The Trip Boutique designs custom-made travel plans that match each customer’s personal interests, style and tastes. Using the service helps travellers cut through the information overload and spend less time on travel research before setting out on city trips. Currently, The Trip Boutique's destinations are Zurich, Paris, Berlin and London and others are upcoming. After winning several awards in the past year including as the Most Innovative Startup worldwide in the Category Destination, by the World Tourism Forum Lucerne, The Trip Boutique is now entering a growth phase, preparing to launch new destinations and expand its team. From Booking.com to The Trip BoutiqueTo achieve its growth ambitions, The Trip Boutique has welcomed Juliana Gallo as COO who plans to contribute towards the company's scalability with her 15+ years of work experience in the travel industry - the last 10 at Booking.com. As a COO, Juliana will lead strategic initiatives, such as expanding the number of destinations available at The Trip Boutique, growing the company's partner’s network, structuring a growing team, as well as making the existing offering more relevant to the company’s target demographic groups. By synchronizing efforts of the tech, supply and talents, Juliana will ensure that The Trip Boutique develops its portfolio and operations in a sustainable way and reaches its full potential. “We are fortunate to have someone of Juliana's caliber join The Trip Boutique. With a proven track record of execution, a solid understanding of the online travel market and great leadership capabilities, Juliana brings in exactly what the Trip Boutique needs as the company enters its next chapter of achieving scalability and growth. Juliana's experience combined with strong core values in sync with The Trip Boutique makes her the perfect choice as a COO for our company. We are all super excited to welcome Juliana to our team“, said Fernanda Barrence Mutz, CEO and Co-Founder of The Trip Boutique.(Press release/ran)Photo by Dal Cuore Photo: COO Juliana Gallo (left) and CEO Fernanda Barrence Mutz (right).