Evolute and Expense robot qualify for F10’s Scale-Up program


From May 4th, an international cohort comprising 12 startups will embark on a 3-month bootcamp program organized by the F10 Fintech Accelerator. This year’s program has been redesigned to enable the startups to secure pilot projects and partnerships with corporate companies in addition to coaching and mentoring.


F10’s Scaleup program enables selected teams to bring their project to the next level with the support of coaches, mentors and industry experts. This year, the program takes on a new format to facilitate opportunities for pilots, POCs and collaboration between agile Startups and Swiss banks, insurance companies and the Swiss Stock Exchange SIX. The new design enables fintech companies to find reliable partners for pilot projects, hence addressing one of the main hurdles faced by FinTech companies. 

Out of more than 80 teams that applied to enter the program F10 nominated 12 from all over the world including two from Switzerland. The startups are:

Evolute Ltd., Switzerland – is building its software for independent asset managers and multi-family offices into an open marketplace with an open ecosystem for financial products and services such as regulatory audit services and tax reports. With 38 employees and offices in Zurich and Lviv (Ukraine) Evolute has already begun to build a steadily growing ecosystem and recently announced the strategic partnership with the leading auditing and trust company, BDO.

Expense Robot, Switzerland – Expense Robot leverages AI to fully automate all expense and company credit card processes – from the picture of a receipt to the compliance checks, the Finance booking, VAT input tax reclaims, archiving and reimbursement. This allows managers and the Finance team to focus on exceptions and outliers only. One year after its incorporation the startup closed a seed round raising CHF1.7 million from Swisscom and SIX.

Startups from the rest of the world include

Askdata inc, Italy  makes data interaction as simple as a Google search.

HealthyHealth, United Kingdom  analyses digital health data from smartphones and wearables to predict the risk of hundreds of medical conditions.

Knexus, United Kingdom – developed an AI platform that enables clients to deliver hyper-relevant content in real-time across owned digital channels.

Merkle Science, Singapore – Merkle Science provides blockchain transaction monitoring and intelligence solutions to detect, investigate and prevent the use of cryptocurrency fraud. 

Know Your Customer, Hong Kong – Know Your Customer provides next-generation digital on-boarding solutions to organisations around the world.

Responsible Cyber, Singapore is a 360-degree platform that provides all an SME needs to protect its assets. 

StackFuel GmbH, Germany – StackFuel is one of Europe's leading education providers for companies that want to upskill their workforce in data analytics & data science.

troy, Germany – leads debt collection into the age of real-time and customer experience. 

Keyrock, Brussels – Keyrock develops scalable, transparent proprietary algorithmic technologies to increase the liquidity of financial assets.

YUKKA Lab AG, Germany – combines state of the art NLP, Machine Learning & AI to provide a systematic overview of sentiment trends empower financial decision making. 

The selected teams will kick off the program on May 4thand the Accelerator Program will take place in a virtual mode due to the current situation.