Everis and dizmo team up to create Industrial IOT solutions

Everis, a part of NTT Data, is a multinational consulting firm with more than 17.000 professionals across 14 countries. The company announced a partnership with dizmo and recently showcased two next generation decisioning dashboards for Industrial IoT at the IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona.     

Dizmo, and everis, a NTT Data company, announced a partnership to develop the next generation of front-end decisioning and actionability solutions for the Industrial IoT. With dizmo's digital workspace, everis will be uniquely positioned to address the next generation of needs, as we move further into Industrie 4.0 and IoT value propositions gain traction across various industries and verticals.

Everis is a multinational consulting firm providing business and strategy solutions, application development, maintenance, and outsourcing services. Established in 1996, everis has averaged 20% annual growth in revenues and, in January 2014, became part of NTT Data. everis works with clients in all industries with multi-country teams implementing the best solutions, and closed the financial year with overall revenue of 816 million euros. everis has more than 17.000 professionals across 14 countries.

Dizmo delivers a disruptive multi-purpose and cross-platform digital workspace that aims at making data decisioning more humanly intuitive. With the dizmo software users can interactively surface what they want when they need it onto the decisioning space, either manually - because the analyst wants to dig into certain set of data points - or dynamically - triggered based on specific conditions (such as a truck loading or discharge event).

"With the massive amount of Things that are becoming IoT-enabled, and the limited screen real estate, you cannot continue to offer legacy, PC era, hardcoded and static dashboards on your industrial control systems", said Luigi Mantellassi, CMO & Co-Founder at dizmo. "Static single app workspaces lack the flexibility to integrate multiple data types from multiple sources and limit the opportunity for the autonomous creation of insight. This is what dizmo solves."

"everis favours the dizmo approach", Fernando Monzón, CTO of everis_IoT said, "There is a before & after dizmo. They equip you with the pieces, components and a set of evolved UI techniques to roll out your IoT dashboards in an adaptive, mass customised and agile way. Furthermore, dizmo enables greater levels of insight and interactivity. You can actually interact with the data to uncover insight and benchmarking where previously you could not have."

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