European Commission empowered Swisspod boosted by new funding


Swisspod has attracted Romanian investment fund “Something Big”. The undisclosed six figure investment will further support its R&D and marketing efforts to achieve its vision. The Swiss Hyperloop Startup based in Monthey recently joined European Commission’s joint initiative to accelerate the safe development of Hyperloop systems throughout Europe.


Swiss Hyperloop Startup Swisspod is on a roll lately, attracting new investors from Romania in a recent six figure seed investment funding round to help the company achieve its vision. "We want to remove the barriers of distance and time, and connect cities in Europe and in the world, while achieving this goal with almost zero emissions. We continue to innovate and grow even during these difficult times." explains Denis Tudor, Swisspod CEO.

Swiss Hyperloop startup shows the way

Earlier in June, the EPFL spin-off joined the European Commission’s initiative with other Hyperloop startups from Europe & the United States, as well as leading European space & transportation agencies including ESA, EASA & ERA. This collaboration will focus on defining a regulatory roadmap for the new fully electric mode of transportation, part of the EU’s wider effort of making Europe climate neutral by 2050.

“Safety is our top priority. Risks are identified and mitigated by our engineering team as a basis to our Pod design,” said Swisspod CEO and Co-founder Denis Tudor. “We are proud to be part of the Hyperloop community and look forward to our next working group meetings. I believe that this cooperation will result in high standards to ensure the safe transportation of Hyperloop passengers and cargo in the future.”

This initiative is shared with the Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking, Europe’s leading public-private partnership for rail innovation aiming to massively reduce congestion and CO2 emissions in European cities.

Geneva to Zurich in 17 minutes

Based in Monthey in Valais, Swisspod uses high-end engineering & technology to accelerate the way we travel in a fast and sustainable fashion. The privately held company founded by two SpaceX Hyperloop Competition Winners for team EPFL, Denis Tudor and Cyril Dénéréaz, both from EPFL, develops Hyperloop technology, a new form of electric transportation in which a Pod travels through a sealed tube with low air pressure – allowing it to speed free of air resistance with a much smaller environmental footprint than other forms of high-speed transportation.

To satisfy the global demand for high-speed travel with a small environmental footprint, Swisspod is developing a far more sustainable, energy-efficient and affordable way to travel long distances on land, without the terrible impact of cars and planes on our climate. The initial route between Geneva and Zurich would only take 17 minutes with Swisspod – an order of magnitude faster than planes or trains.

To keep the overall cost of this new mode of transportation low, Swisspod engineers are optimizing the energy efficiency of the Pod and Infrastructure design – all while transporting people and goods at zero emissions and at a fraction of the time.