ETH Zurich spin-off changes hands

Degradable Solutions develops and markets a high performing, synthetic portfolio of tissue regeneration products for the dental market. The company, part of the Sunstar Group since 2011, has now been acquired by US-based Collagen Matrix.  

Degradable’s GUIDOR family of bone graft substitutes, known as "easy-graft" and "calc-i-oss," as well as the GUIDOR bioresorbable matrix barrier membrane, are distributed globally for use in dental surgical and restoration procedures. The ETH Zurich spinoff has also developed novel electrospinning capabilities, leading to a first-of-a-kind non-woven, synthetic, electrospun dental membrane, which recently received a CE mark. Collagen Matrix expects to launch this product into select markets beginning in 2021 and initiate the development of additional product solutions for new areas of unmet medical need.

Following the transaction, Shawn McCarthy, CEO of Collagen Matrix, stated "GUIDOR's synthetic technologies complement our proprietary, collagen-based products, enabling us to offer a comprehensive portfolio of regenerative medicine products to both our OEM customers as well as our global Contract Development customers. We are committed to bringing meaningful innovation to life, and this investment expands our capabilities to develop and deliver combination products that appeal to an ever-broadening array of clinical applications in dental markets and beyond."

(Press release / SK)