ETH Spinoff wins CHF 150'000 to facilitate lithium-ion batteries production

Zurich-based startup eightinks is developing a proprietary manufacturing technology for solid-state batteries that enables novel cell designs with high-performance materials, making the production methods highly scalable. The startup won the third stage of the Venture Kick program.

Solid-state batteries are considered the next generation of lithium-ion batteries, offering many benefits in comparison to liquid-electrolyte batteries. They are, however, not in high circulation due to the cost of current manufacturing standards. With the projected growth of the electric vehicle market and increasing global demand for lithium-ion batteries, which is expected to grow 10% in the next decade, innovative solutions to scale production efficiently and cost-effectively is required. Swiss startup eightinks is of the pioneers in addressing the challenges.

Founded in December 2022 following years of research, eightinks is developing a novel multi-layer curtain coating technology that simplifies the manufacturing of battery cells. The cost-effective, high-throughput production method lowers production costs by up to 30% compared to current methods and is compatible with existing manufacturing infrastructure, paving the way for the widespread adoption of solid-state lithium-ion batteries. The technology also allows the cells to be recycled and increases the charging speed. While liquid electrolytes are flammable, solid-state electrolytes are non-flammable, thus also offering a significant benefit in terms of safety.

The startup will invest the CHF 150,000 awarded by Venture Kick in setting up its own facilities and expanding its team, paving the way for the company to scale its technology and accelerate business traction.

The company was co-founded by Paul Baade (CEO), who developed the technology during his doctoral research as a Pioneer Fellow at ETH Zurich; Leon Baade (CBO), who has extensive experience delivering tech products and working with automotive OEMs; and Christina Sauter (CTO) and Karl-Philipp Schlichting (COO), who are specialists in battery technology and nanoscience for energy technology, respectively

“The Venture Kick program was a great experience to help us to sharpen our strategic focus and develop our go-to-market in detail,” said eightinks CEO Paul Baade. “With their insights into multiple deeptech ventures, they were able to identify critical points very quickly.”

(Press release/RAN)

From left to right: Paul Baade (CEO), Christina Sauter (CTO), Leon Baade (CBO), and Karl Philipp Schlichting (COO)