ESA Bic incubates five new startups


ESA Bic welcomes new members to its two-year incubation program: OneSky, CleanSpace, Touchless Automation, 9TLabs and Davos Instruments. The startups will receive CHF 200’000 over two years and support.


For the next two years, the ESA Bic team is going to offer support and coaching to the five newly-enrolled startups in the program. Coaches with expertise in the Space industry will provide coaching and guidance to startups as they strive to further develop their solutions for space applications. In addition, they will receive financial support of worth CHF 50’000 every six months for two years.

The startups include;

OneSky – the startup is offering flight-awareness and collision avoidance solutions for drone pilots, drone operators and other interested parties to ensure safety in the sky. The startup developed an online platform which gathers data from a network of scaled-down control towers, enabling virtually anybody to see surrounding air traffic and to hold intelligent tools for low-risk flight plans, automatic avoidance strategies and privacy control.

Touchless Automation: Biel/Bienne – developed a new technological approach that allows for Contactless manipulation of micro-components (10μm to 20mm). The company offers handling modules and custom automated machines to able the transportation and levitation of small components without touching them.

9TLabs: Zurich– Developing a 3D printer that processes carbon composites. The 3D method of manufacturing carbon fiber makes it cheaper and more flexible to produce the material. Applications can be found in satellites, drones, and prosthetics, amongst others.

Davos Instruments – Founded as a Spin-Off from the PMOD/WRC, the startup is developing high precision measurement equipment for solar radiometry and engineering services. Its flagship product, the PMO6-cc radiometer, is a reference instrument that measures direct solar irradiance and acts as an electrical substitution radiometer.

CleanSpace – The EPFL startup develops technologies and provides services to safely remove the failed satellites or debris from their orbit for constellations operators to ensure their safe and sustainable business operations.

Following ESA Bic’s kick-off meeting impact Hub Bern, the 5 startups are now on the journey of developing their solutions.