Enso Finance raises $5m to boost the launch of its social trading platform

Founded by two former Sygnum Bank team members, Zurich based Enso Finance develops a platform enabling investors to create new strategies for investing in tokens in the Etherum Network. This including following other traders or combining strategies together. The launch of the platform is imminent.

Enso was created with the conviction that decentralized finance should not be constricted to whitelisted integrations. Enso platform enables the creation of an unlimited number of strategies that include all ERC-20 tokens available in the DeFi ecosystem, and yield farming allocations integrations. The platform enables traders to discover and create strategies and meta strategies by subscribing to — or follow — other traders or combining strategies together regardless of their experience level in DeFi. This is combined with the social trading aspect of the platform where investors can create, and invest in other strategies, multi-signature syndicates and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

The company based in Zurich was founded in February this year by Gorazd Ocvirk and Connor Howe. Both worked for Sygnum Bank before starting their own company. Gorazd Ocvirk was Head of Fintech and DLT services at Sygnum, Connor Howe a blockchain engineer.

According to a Medium Post, the team was able to attract well-known investors. These include as Polychain Capitaland Dfinity beacon fund accompanied by Multicoin Capital, P2P Capital, Spartan Group, Zola Globaland The LAO.

(Press release / Stefan Kyora)