Eminent customers for Fixposition


Fixposition, an ETH spin-off provides reliable, centimeter-accurate positioning services for autonomous vehicles. The startup has welcomed renowned companies like Huawei, Yuneec, and Robsense as its first customers.


Fixposition uses deep integration of computer vision and satellite navigation (GPS/GNSS) technologies to achieve high accuracy (centimeter to decimeter level accuracy) positioning and navigation with very high reliability. Its services address the strong demand from the autonomous vehicle market.

The technology is applicable for UAV navigation, self-driving cars, delivery robots, agricultural machinery, surveying among others. In its market entry stage, the startup is focusing on the production of commercial drones first. It has completed the development of two products; the RTK (Real Time Kinematic) GNSS sensor, and the Vision enhanced RTK which will be ready for beta tests in two months and open for orders in Q4 2018.

One year following its establishment, the startup has won renowned companies as its first clients. These include Huawei, Chinese telecom giant with 180,000 employees, as its paying pilot. Yuneec, the world leader in electric aviation developing technologies for manned aircrafts and drones is the other customer. Through a partnership, Fixposition will work closely with the Yuneec’s Swiss R&D team at Schlieren for a new product release. The third customer is Robsense, a drone company from China. The startup will deliver its RTK GNSS sensor to Robsense.

The technology started back in 2012 through a Ph.D. research and later extended by master theses of the co-founder Lukas Meier. Together with his team, (Zhenzhong Su and Tonio Gsell), they embarked on commercialization plans after winning two prizes in the European Satellite Navigation Competition; 1st Prize in Swiss region and ESA special prize. They also received funds from the ETH Pioneer Fellowship. To-date, Fixposition is benefiting from 200’000 Euro from ESA BIC Switzerland.