ElictricFeel sets foot in the U.S


This year, ElectricFeel (EF) celebrated its first anniversary as a provider the first intelligent solution for the deployment of shared mobility systems. Having set a strong based in Europe, EF is now expanding its footprint to the US with the new client, Revel.


The Zurich based startup, ElectricFeel, developed the first intelligent solution for the deployment of shared mobility systems such as bike-sharing, e-bikes and e-scooter sharing systems. Artificially intelligent software understands exactly how clean-mobility systems are operating and allows managing, predicting and analysing sharing systems. With the help of the software, it is possible to boost their efficiency and increase profitability. The technology is aimed at mobility entrepreneurs as well as utility and municipal transit companies. To date, users of EF-powered e-scooters and e-bikes have contributed to clean mobility with a total distance equivalent to 1000 times around the globe and over 38 million kilometres – thanks to EF's global network of sharing-mobility service providers. Since 2015, EF has been a technology provider for eCooltra, Europe’s largest scooter rental company operating over 5000 e-scooters in 6 cities: Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Rome, Milan and Lisbon and counts more than 500’000 end-users. Additionally, EF is collaborating with Pick-e-bike in Basel; Ennu in Biel/Bienne, ESKE (Wiesbaden) and Mainzer Mobilität in Germany, and with Billy bike in Belgien. Expanding its footprint across the globe, EF has recently acquired Revel, as its client in the US, giving it a pathway into the US. Following a successful pilot test with 68 mopeds in New York last year, Revel is now offering a mobility sharing service based on the EF’s technology. Today, Revel operates 1400 e-scooters in New York and Washington D.C. (RAN)