Eight Swiss startups among the finalists of the Hello Tomorrow Challenge


The Hello Tomorrow Challenge is an internationally acclaimed competition for deep tech start-ups. This year eight Swiss life sciences, cleantech, hardware, aerospace and materials companies made it to the finals.


Hello tomorrow is an international startup award that recognizes early-stage startups in 14 tracks. Six Swiss startups are among the 87 selected finalists that will pitch at the Hello Tomorrow Global summit on 12 and 13 March in Paris. The competition offers a grand prize of €100K and €10k for the best early-stage startup in each track. They are also invited to the Investor & Business Day, for one-on-one meetings with over 200 top-tier VCs and hundreds of international corporates, which will take place the day before the Summit.  Eight Swiss deep-tech start-ups made it to the finals. The share of Swis companies among the finalists is slightly higher than in 2018. The Swiss finalists include: Industrial biotech Haelixa: Bringing transparency to busisnesses with DNA markers that provide traceability to all stages of the supply chain Medical biotechCutiss: Delivering permanent, personalised skin tissue therapy to improve the lives of skin transplant patients EnvironmentNanogence: Reducing the cost of production and carbon footprint of cement with smart additive materials to revolutionise the construction sector EnergyTwingTec: Using drones to unlock the full power of wind, harvesting more energy than wind turbines with a fraction of their structure and material AeronauticsCompPair: Smart repairing solution for composite materials Involi: Safely integrating drones into air traffic by providing real-time air traffic understanding to prevent collisions  MobilityHydromea: Developing semi-autonomous underwater drones to eliminate safety risks of manned entry into complex, confined flooded spaces Digital Health Altoida: Comprehensive digital biomarker platform for brain health prediction, monitoring and prevention- able to predict Alzheimer’s Disease 6-10 years before the onset (SK)Picture: Klaus P. Rausch / Pixabay