Eight startups to pitch at SICTIC Investor Day in Zurich

Eight startups have been selected to pitch before the jury and the audience at the 33 SICTIC investor Day in Zurich on 22.03.2017. They will network with investors during the networking session. The eight startups include: 100 Celcius, Elquano, Flyerbee, Gait Up, Komed Health Live Tracker systems and Wrio.

The SICTIC Investor Day is a matchmaking event where Internet startups pitch to find experienced investors and supporters. Nominated startups will pitch to the audience that will ask questions after each pitch. The eight startups were selected out of 26 applications that were submitted.

100 Celsius.ai: offers AI-powered Software-as-a-Service customer retention solutions. The startup offer products based on natural language processing (NLP) that leverage internal data sources like emails or chats, enabling medium and large enterprises to better manage their customer relationships.

Elqano: Genève based startup offering a software that enables office workers to find and share their business knowledge instantly. The startup gathers strategic documentations and organizes them in a knowledge database and stores them safely on customers’ existing servers.

Flyerbee AG: a Software-as-a-Service platform for outdoor & indoor advertising business operations and for increasing and measuring ad campaign engagement.

Gait Up SA: the startup developed a hardware-based solution (Physilog sensor) to analyse motions for sport and health wearables licenced to sport and watchmakers.

Komed Health: a fully encrypted, secure platform for instant medical team & patient communication accessible via iOS, Android, and Desktop, saving healthcare institutions both time and operating costs. Komed’s AI technology is integrated seamlessly with existing key clinical systems and offers reliable connectivity for anytime, anywhere communication.

Live Tracker Systems: develop tracking technologies against theft. Their product, Troja Bike tracking system allows users/bikers to track their bicycle in case it is stolen in over 44 countries and is directly wired to the authorities in case of emergencies. The Troja App allows the user has to control various features the tracker offers.

soonsy AG: improves public wireless internet access experience for end consumers while offering companies deeper insights into their customers and business. The startup supports better strategic, tactical and operational business decision-making through quantitative and qualitative insights, big data analysis.

WRIO Keyboard: helps people type faster and error-free on their smartphones and generates revenue through app purchases, ads display, and licensing with smartphone manufacturers. WRIO keyboard is adjusts its virtual layer based on the typing of each user since each person types in a unique way.