DPD and ImagineCargo advocate for sustainable packet delivery


Zurich based startup ImagineCargo and the parcel delivery company DPD have entered a collaboration on a project to deliver parcels using environmentally friendly modes of transport such as  bicycle and electric vehicle.


Although transportation generates positive economic benefits, it is a significant contributor to negative external environmental and societal impacts such as congestion, noise and emissions. ImagineCargo offers fast, reliable, cost-effective and clean package transportation. The company handles the entire logistics chain from central warehouses based on the concept of bike plus train plus bike, which reduces CO2 emissions by 99 percent.

The parcel transportation company, DPD Switzerland with 900 employees who deliver more than 9 million parcels every year is also capitalising on ImagineCargo'S solution. The two companies are working on ecologically sustainable parcel delivery solution which focuses on delivery in conurbations by bicycle and electric vehicles.

DPD's experience - operating as a parcel service provider in Switzerland for 27 years - combined with ImagineCargo's start-up mentality and focus on "zero-emission" deliveries, should make last-mile delivery even more flexible and create added value for people and the environment.

Alongside DPD, ImagineCargo is working with clients including Coffee Circle, Etepetete, Sirplus, Loveco, and Einhorn and is active in Switzerland, Ukraine and Germany (Berlin, Hamburg and Munich) with a team of ten employees.

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