Dividat expands with its cognitive health solutions into the United States

Senior living communities, clinics, neurorehabilitation and senior activity centers throughout Europe successfully utilize Dividat’s exergaming solution on a daily basis. The ETH Zurich spin-off has now opened an office in Boulder, Colorado, to bring the Dividat Senso to the United States. 

The Dividat Senso is the solution for training and testing motor and cognitive functions which connects the body and mind through simultaneous physical and cognitive exercises. “Based on the astounding results the Dividat Senso is having in Europe, in conjunction with the dire need for research driven cognitive health solutions in the United States, our expansion path was clear - we want to share this unparalleled product with the world.” said Joris van het Reve, Founder and CEO of Dividat AG.

Dividat specializes in the following areas: Mild cognitive impairment (MCI), fall reduction and mitigation, dementia, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, stroke, and orthopedic rehabilitation. Senior living communities, clinics, neurorehabilitation and senior activity centers throughout the world successfully utilize the Dividat Senso Smart Platform on a daily basis. Dividat’s research has proven the reduction of falls for older adults, and providers and clinicians are now able to ensure improved wellbeing through evidence-based outcomes.

Dividat USA Director Frank Arant comments, “Dividat utilizes standardized evidence-based methodology for all research and product development, having completed and published over 20 research articles globally. Backed by a research team comprised of world-class software developers, economists, and four Ph.D. Movement Scientists, Dividat USA looks forward to making a vital contribution to improving quality of life for older adults.”

Dividat, a research-based company based in Zurich, Switzerland, recently expanded into the United States with an office in Boulder, Colorado. Over a decade ago Dividat set out to improve the aging population’s wellbeing through the use of novel technologies initially discovered at ETH Zurich. The outcome was the development of the Dividat Senso Smart Platform - a unique exergaming solution that end-users employ to improve their cognitive motor skills and physical mobility.

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