Distran secures 7-digit in series A financing round

Zurich based startup Distran, offering ultrasonic inspection solutions, has secured a 7-digit CHF Series A financing. The proceeds will enable Distran to accelerate the market roll-out of its Ultra M, expand its team and operations.

Established as a Spin-off of ETH Zurich, Distran develops and markets novel acoustic sensors for industrial condition monitoring applications. They developed «Ultra M», a fast, hand-held gas leak localization device which shows gas leaks in real-time on the device's screen, resulting in safer and 10 times faster plant inspections. The device is successfully used by major corporations to increase the safety, availability and reliability of their industrial plants.

Today, Distran has finalised its series A financing round with SmartEnergy Innovation Fund, the venture fund of Swiss energy supplier Energie 360, and Zürcher Kantonalbank.

“We are very pleased to have closed this funding from top investors who recognize the wide potential of our technology and share our vision to make industrial plants safer places to work and cleaner for the environment. The funds will enable us to accelerate the market rollout of the Ultra M device, as well as to expand our team and operations" says Florian Perrodin, CEO and co-founder of Distran.

"We find Distran's Ultra M to be a potential game-changer in the detection of gas leaks” says Peter Dietiker, Board Director representing the Smart Energy Innovation Fund. “We believe this company, with its unique technology and dedicated team, can advance industrial maintenance with safer and more cost effective inspection and monitoring methods as well as help reduce climate-damaging emissions. We are very pleased to enter in to this partnership and look forward to help Distran secure a strong position in the market."

About Distran
Distran's goal is to reduce risks for industrial workers and the environmental impact of the industry with sound sensing and unique technologies. Workers use their ears every day, consciously or unconsciously, to assess machine conditions. Traditional acoustic sensors have been used for long for that purpose, but are limited by the background sounds that are present in usual industrial environments. Phased-array sensors developed by Distran overcome this limitation by spatially filtering the sounds. It becomes possible to locate defects, such as gas leaks or discharges, while being at a safe distance. Distran is supported by the Swiss Climate Foundation.