Digital Chameleon to leverage digital signatures

A new partnership with Skribble allows Digital Chameleon, to enrich its services for digital transformation in the healthcare and life science sector. The company's customers will benefit from the new e-signature.

The use of digital technologies is transforming the healthcare sector at an unprecedented pace, offering innovative ways to achieve better healthcare outcomes. However, the industry is still faced with an array of challenges such as inefficient quality management systems, risk of non-compliance/no audit readiness, insufficient documentation and digital maturity level, among others.

The Basel based startup Digital Chameleon steps in as a strategy advisory company whose ambition is to help companies to create efficient healthcare systems by driving change for a connected Digital Health Ecosystem. Together with its Quality & Compliance Team, consisting of various experts from Pharmaceuticals, BioTech and MedTech, the startup has developed the ‘Quality Revolution Methodology’, which consists of three factors: Digital Maturity, Process Excellence and Culture Fit.

Through its methodology, the team applies deep knowledge and understanding of regulations, standards and best practices from Pharmaceuticals, BioTech and MedTech (EU GMP, FDA, MDR), future-oriented methods from UX/Usability & Requirement Engineering and agile software development frameworks (Scrum, Kanban). This allows them to provide customers with a quality management system tailored to their needs. Besides, the startup developed its first software app for an MDR compliance check, which will be launched at the beginning of 2021.

The startup and its team of 10 employees in Switzerland, Germany and Barcelona serve a wide range of customers including renowned companies and several innovative startups.

Strategic partnership with Skribble
Digital Chameleon has joined forces with Skribble, the provider of a legally appropriate electronic signature for every type of contract, to simplify digitization in the highly regulated pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. The partnership will enable Digital Chameleon to switch from the handwritten signature to the electronic signature delivered by Skribble.

Philipp Dick, CEO and co-founder of Skribble, says: "By working with Digital Chameleon, we can supply the industry with all the necessary components from a single source. This simplifies the transition for companies tremendously. The healthcare industry can benefit more quickly from cost savings that paperless processes entail."(Press release/RAN)