Deeptech start-ups selected for Venture Day Zurich

On 15 September eleven tech start-ups will take the stage to present their solutions to the audience at the Startup Invest's Venture Day. The selected start-ups develop technologies in the verticals of autonomous systems, sustainable-tech, healthtech and ICT/Fintech.

Organised by Startup Invest, the Venture Days bring together deep-tech start-ups with angels, VC and corporates. Apart from start-up pitches and exchange in 1-to-1 meetings, Dominique Mégret, Head of Swisscom Ventures, will present his new book "Deeptech Nation" about the chances and challenges of the Swiss start-up ecosystem in a keynote. The hybrid event awaits over 150 guests on-site at the BCG headquarters in Zurich and online.

Ten early and later Stage Swiss deep-tech start-ups offering autonomous systems, sustainable-tech, health-tech and ICT/Fintech solutions will pitch on stage.

The pitching start-ups are

Anavo Medical – develops a nanoparticle paste that boosts wound closure, keeps bacterial infections in check and tissue alive for better wound healing.

collectID – combines encrypted, smartphone-ready NFC (near-field communication) tags with secure, immutable NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on blockchain to guarantee a product’s authenticity 100% and with just a few taps.

Dpendent – designs and sells Unmanned drone Ground Handling Stations (UGHS), enabling fully autonomous flight and payload manipulation.

Pick&Ship – offers the first shelf-less robotic fulfillment and delivery systems for the e-commerce sector.

The Very Food Co – creates one-to-one animal-free replacements that do not compromise on taste and texture and do not require altering recipes.

IDUN Technologies - developed a brain-sensing hearable technology that allows continuous brain monitoring from the ear canal.

Impossible Materials - aims to aim to contribute to a more sustainable future by selling products based on cellulose to businesses.. 

Isochronic – developed an industrial robot based on a novel, patented kinematic technology that allows for transporting parts in parallel using only a single robot.

Lyfegen – provides software to accelerate value-based healthcare. Its contracting platform automates the collection and analysis of patient-level data.

Legal-i – provides medical insurance experts with a platform to quickly find relevant facts of a case.

Taskbase – offers easy-to-integrate modules that enable learning software developers to create smart e-learning solutions.

Registration for the event is still open.

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