DeepJudge wins CHF 150,000 to advance its legal-tech platform

DeepJudge’s software offers a next-generation AI-powered context-sensitive legal document processing platform, saving lawyers and legal teams critical resources. The Zurich-based startup will use the CHF 150,000 from Venture Kick to fuel its expansion to Germany.

Lawyers and legal teams are often overworked and suffer from repetitive and inefficient processes. Having to manually process large document volumes to find, extract, and redact information wastes critical resources. DeepJudge automates these tasks with a multilingual document-understanding platform powered by artificial intelligence.

DeepJudge develops a context-aware legal document processing AI: The startup’s platform recognizes and understands concepts without explicitly mentioning them. At the core of DeepJudge’s technology is artificial intelligence that understands multiple languages and has been trained on millions of documents, thus able to understand the semantic content of legal documents. It allows to automatically highlight and anonymize sensitive information, enhance documents by augmenting them with external data, and search for related relevant documents across in-house databases. The context-awareness puts the solution a generation ahead of even the most prominent existing legal platforms in Europe.

DeepJudge’s software targets law firms, courts, and legal departments, and the startup’s entry market, the DACH region, is estimated to be approximately EUR 1 billion. DeepJudge is currently partnering up with Swiss-based companies interested in exploring the power of AI for faster document processing. The team of 12 people is actively hiring to stem its DACH expansion goals. The funding from Venture Kick will be used toward business development and onboarding of German customers and partners.

“We are very happy to have taken part in the Venture Kick process, not only due to the financial support, but even more so because of its entire ecosystem uniting other founders, jury members, and experts. During the pitch sessions and the Kickers Camp, we got very valuable and hands-on feedback that helped us strengthen our USP,” said Paulina Grnarova, CEO and co-founder of DeepJudge.

DeepJudge is based in Zurich and was founded in 2021 by Paulina Grnarova (CEO), Florian Schmidt (Head of Research), Yannic Kilcher (CTO), and Kevin Roth (Chief Data Scientist), all ETH PhDs with extensive research and industry experience.

(Press release / SK)
Photo L-R: Paulina Grnarova, Kevin Roth, Florian Schmidt, Yannic Kilcher