Deepcode raises CHF 3.92 million


DeepCode, an ETH Zurich spinoff offering a platform for AI-powered code reviews, has raised additional CHF3.92 million in its seed funding led by Earlybird. 3VC and the existing investor btov Partners participated in the round to support the company’s development plans.


Last year, DeepCode raised CHF 1.1 million a seed round. The additional capital of CHF 3.92 will enable the company to support further integrations and programming languages (Java, JavaScript, and Python are currently supported), improve the scope of code recommendations and grow the team internationally. DeepCode brings knowledge of the global development community to every software developer through its platform for AI-powered code reviews. The bot uses machine learning to process millions of commits in open source software projects and learns how to find serious coding issues. Because the platform determines the intent of the code – and not only the syntax mistakes – DeepCode identifies several critical bugs and vulnerabilities than other tools.  The bot is free for enterprise teams of up to 30 developers, open-source software and educational use. Developers worldwide are using the platform for personal projects and enterprise software. "For all industries and almost every business model, the performance and quality of coding have become key. DeepCode provides a platform that enhances the development capabilities of programmers," said Christian Nagel, partner and co-founder of Earlybird. "The team has a deep scientific understanding of code optimization and uses artificial intelligence to deliver the next breakthrough in software development." “We appreciate having investors that fully understand the opportunities for AI and machine learning in software development,” said Boris Paskalev, CEO and co-founder of DeepCode. “Knowledge gained from open source software helps developers write clean and secure code in a fraction of the time that it would normally take.” The Zurich based startup was founded in 2016 by software engineers who bring experience from working at Google and IBM and have developed 30 patents and hundreds of research papers related to program analysis, security, AI, and machine learning. The company currently employees eight members.(Press release)