Deep Tech and Diversity – Swiss Startups in the International Media


According to Forbes two Swiss fintech companies are among Europe’s most exciting technology SMEs. Teralytics teamed up with The Economist. Red Herring has identified a Swiss startup as a role model of diversity. And media outlets around the world report about Climeworks. Our start-up press review.


Forbes:Europe's 10 Most Exciting Technology SMEs For 2018

Who will be the exciting technology companies to watch in Europe next year? Here are 10 companies from across Europe set for an exciting 12 months. The list includes Swiss companies Monito and Smart Valor.

The Economist:Daily chart - Measuring the effects of partisanship on pie-eating

The Economist has created a pumpkin-pie pilgrimage index, a measure of how far people are prepared to go to celebrate Thanksgiving. Our index uses numbers provided by Teralytics, a Zurich-based startup that tracks people’s movements anonymously, sifting through data collected by mobile-phone masts.

Red Herring:Transparency and Diversity Key for SpotMe’s Software Success

SpotMe’s founding team was all-white, and all-male. Retrospectively, this was a weakness. Today women make up 38% of SpotMe’s fast-growing staff. It includes 25 nationalities and 29 languages.

Media around the globe report about Climework’s technology and the two pilot plants in Switzerland and Iceland. Below is just a small selection.

The New Yorker:Can Carbon-Dioxide Removal Save the World?

BBC News: Climate's magic rabbit: Pulling CO2 out of thin air

Spiegel Online:Forscherteam macht Kohlendioxid zu Stein

CNBC Technology:Climeworks is pulling carbon dioxide out of thin air and repurposing it.