Decentralised Finance startup atpar attracts renowned investors


Israel-based VC Eden Block and blockchain pioneer Christoph Jentzsch invest in atpar. The follow-on funding will enable atpar to bring its product to market by end of year and win first clients for the platform.


Eden Block has a great track record as a VC fund. Their early investment into Chainspace which was later acquired by Facebook to strengthen the Libra team underlines their far-sighted strategy. Eden Block partners Lior Messika and Rami Beracha have already provided atpar with valuable strategic insights. Before his engagement in Eden Block, Rami Beracha served as managing director of the largest VC fund in Israel and Lior Messika is a serial entrepreneur himself, bringing valuable experience in scaling up blockchain start-ups to the table.

Lior messika comments: “We’re particularly excited to be working with atpar at such an early stage. atpar’s vision of radically enhancing financial markets fits incredibly well with our thesis on the implementation of blockchain across industries. Rami and I have enjoyed working with atpar on solidifying the vision and honing in on growth strategies. We’re thrilled to be partnering with the atpar team.”

Christoph Jentzsch was an early contributor to Ethereum as part of the core team. He is a pioneer in applying blockchain in the field of IOT with his company and more recently also in the financial industry as part of Blockchains LLC. The entrepreneur has very profound expertise in developing solutions on Ethereum.

“Open Financial applications are one of the primary use cases for Ethereum. The power of a public blockchain is multiplied by standards on top of it (e.g ERC20). Atpar is now standardizing financial products in the form of smart contracts on top of the Ethereum protocol, I believe this will be the foundation of the decentralized financial future and will be the logical next step for decentralized finance”, explains Christoph Jentzsch.

Zurich-based atpar offers an open decentralized securities depository with built-in intermediary functionalities making traditional capital markets intermediaries (like calculating, paying, or reporting agents) optional and enabling originators and investors to self-service their financial assets.

New Board Member

In addition atpar announced Lex Sokolin as a new board member. He is currently the global fintech co-head at ConsenSys and is well known through his fintech blueprint newsletter where he dissects current trends in the blockchain and finance industry. Previously, he has held various positions in the financial industry and knows first-hand what it means to build and scale a fintech startup.

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