DART Labs invests in three startups


Apelab, Xensio and FluidSolids make up the first cohort to be funded by DART Labs.  The three startups will receive financial support in addition to expertise and access to DART's international network.


DART Labs is an Incubator providing Swiss startups with a platform to test future technologies, get market access and build their network in the United States. Last year the two founders Arijana Walcott and Sophie Lamparter announced that they would be extending their support to invest in 5 -10 startups annually. The two founders, joined by Andrej Kostresevic a serial US tech entrepreneur and angel investor based in Miami have now made the first investment for 2020 in Apelab, Xensio and FluidSolids

Apelab is developing Zoe, a remote learning platform with AR/VR creation tools for the virtual classroom. Its software toolkit, Spatial Stories, allows developers, designers or anyone without coding knowledge to build fully interactive VR content quickly and efficiently within an immersive environment, and then export it to various platforms.

Xsensio, a spinoff from EPFL’s Nanotechnology Lab is developing a wearable biosensor that offers unique health insights through continuous and real-time analysis of biomarkers in sweat. The chip is designed to be integrated into next-generation skin patches, wristbands or smartwatches.

FluidSolids Biocomposites from Zurich advocates for a more circular economy by providing 100% home-compostable biocomposites made from organic waste to replace traditional petrol-based plastic. With an international patent, the biocomposites produce components and products are highly cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

The DART Labs was mainly impressed by the founder's ability to demonstrate the scalability of their emerging technologies and the positive impact they are generating."Especially in these difficult times, startups and investors have to be agile, work as a team, and adapt to new challenges like remote fundraising, virtual demos and remote collaboration. DART invests not only money but also time, expertise and the connections that can be more difficult to come by in these times. Our incubator program is designed to fit the individual needs of each startup", said Arijana Walcott.

DART Labs is planning more early-stage investments within the next few months. Startups interested in benefiting from the offer may apply.