Dart Labs invests in a digital personal trainer


VAY sports, developer of an AI based virtual coach for smartphones, has become the fourth startup to attract investors from DART Labs. The investors will additionally support Vay in launching its solution in the US market.



Founded in 2019 as a spin-off from the University of Zurich, Vay trains computers to perfectly perceive and predict human motion, ensuring harmonic interaction between the two worlds. One of its solutions is the “VAY Fitness Coach”, a fully, virtual personal coach for the smartphone. Backed by algorithms, the app provides users with real-time feedback on their pose and automatic progress tracking during their workout sessions. Besides the coach, the startup also launched multiple training plans, targeting, for instance, burning calories, building muscles or shaping specific areas of the body.

Launched in April this year, Vay is already active in Switzerland with over 5000 downloads from the Google store and more in the apple store. The startup plans to expand into the United States with the support of DART Labs. “From San Francisco as our home base, we will conquer the States together and bring our professional motion analysis to everybody looking to be more active,” says Joel Roos, founder and CEO in his announcement on LinkedIn.

Vay will receive investment and collaborate with the DART Labs team in the form of a partnership on reaching their mission. Commenting on the company’s ambition, Roos said to Dart Labs: “It is our goal to build an innovative company in which all of our team members can contribute their ideas. The technology we are working on is just taking off, and we know we cannot yet see all the applications it will enable in the future. Most of all, we want to enhance the quality of people’s lives by making professional motion analysis accessible and cheap.”

While the company plans to close its seed round, the team is looking for innovative clients who are willing to explore and experiment with the technology. “Working with a large number of clients gives us the insights we require to achieve the best product-market fit,” elucidates Roos.

(Press release/RAN)

Photo: Joel Roos, CEO of VAY