Dacadoo and Meru Health facilitate access to effective mental healthcare


Dacadoo's customers include health and life insurance companies, health & wellness service organizations as well as large and mid-sized employers for health promotion in the workplace. Now the Swiss digital health platform provider for healthy lifestyle has partnered with Meru Health, a digital health company offering a clinically proven software-based treatment program for depression, anxiety, and burnout.


Dacadoo and Meru Health are joining forces to further lower the threshold to get early support when depression and anxiety arise, allowing fast and sustained recovery. “A small nudge at the proper moment can make all the difference between fast, sustainable recovery and a prolonged, treatment-resistant depression. We are excited about this opportunity to combine our human-centric and proven treatment program with dacadoo’s expertise in detection and behavior activation,” says Tuure Parkkinen, Vice Presidents of Partnerships in Europe for Meru Health.

“The strategic partnership with Meru Health reflects our desire to collaborate with companies, who share our vision to prevent mental health issues and offer the right expertise & support. Dacadoo’s platform and Meru Health’s treatment program both serve the need to improve symptom detection and prevention in the area of mental health. We are very happy to announce our partnership with Meru Health in this area,” says Peter Ohnemus, President & CEO of dacadoo.

The Swiss company dacadoo ag develops and operates a digital health engagement platform which helps employees actively manage their health in an easy and fun way. It combines motivational techniques derived from behavioral science, with functions from online gaming and social networks that engage employees in holistic health, meaning: Your Body, Mind & Lifestyle. By combining its patented dacadoo Health Score with personalized health coaching from the AI-based coach, dacadoo achieves high levels of long-term user engagement and produces positive health outcomes. 

Meru Health, a Finland-and-California-based company, offers a licensed-clinician-supported, mobile phone-based digital therapeutic program for depression, anxiety and burnout. Meru’s award-winning and research-based program consists of continuous remote clinician support, at-home therapeutic lessons and practices (e.g. cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness), biofeedback as well as sleep improvement and nutritional psychiatry

(Press release / SK)Bild: Gustavo Wandalen / Pixabay