DAAV completes first funding round

The closing of its first financing round sets DAAV in a new position to advance, test and roll out its AI-enabled mobility device, DAAV-air, for persons with reduced mobility at airports. Spicehaus Partners led the CHF 1 million round, supported by KickFund and business angels.

DAAV was established as an EPFL spinoff with the mission to improve the quality of life for people with reduced mobility (PRM). Its flagship product DAAV-air is an innovative wheelchair designed to make airports accessible for PRM to reduce operational costs for service providers. The device features an innovative omnidirectional motion mechanism, granting passengers an unparalleled degree of mobility. This technology significantly improves airport accessibility by navigating in all directions, facilitating seamless movement throughout airport layouts. Moreover, DAAV-air operates in various smart modes, from tele-operation to follow-me or fully autonomous, ensuring flexibility and convenience for users. With DAAV-air, airports can provide additional mobility services to clients around the clock without the need for additional staff.

The proceeds from its funding round will allow DAAV to fast-track product development, expand pilot implementations globally, and drive market entry initiatives. “Many airports have reached out to us for pilots, from Zurich to Vienna, to Changi in Singapore”, says Mohsen Falahi, CEO of DAAV. Building on its early traction from early pilots, DAAV and its team of six employees is poised to scale its operations and address the growing demand for innovative mobility solutions in the aviation industry.

Lead investor, Spicehaus Partners AG, was joined by kickfund, TR-Invest Thomas Rauber, and Dieter R. Streuli, CEO of Airline Assistance Switzerland (AAS) in the round.

“This milestone propels us to new heights on our mission to elevate the travel experience for PRM travellers, enriching lives one journey at a time,” says Mohsen. “The market opportunity for DAAV is substantial. Offering mobility services for PRM in airports is labor-intensive, expensive, and error prone. The rising demand for such services stresses the critical need for integrating DAAV-air. It is not a luxury but an essential solution to guarantee dependable and efficient assistance for PRM travellers.”

(Press release / RAN)