Cyber security startup ARCATrust raises CHF 1.5 million


In less than a year, ARCAtrust won various customers. The start-up employs 13 specialists. The new funds will be used to accelerate the international deployment of the cyber security solutions.


ARCATrust announces a fundraising of CHF 1.5 million following the first round of funding and the arrival of Mr Gonpo Tsering, serial angel investor with global management experience and deep understanding of IT, on its Board of Directors.

Even though it was founded only in May 2018 by Patrick Trinkler, Yacine Felk PhD and Khaled Ouafi PhD, the start-up managed to acquire various customers within a few months as it offers a unique package of hardware and software solutions based on proprietary technologies. ARCATrust offers a solution hardware and software that is unique of its kind. Its solutions enable ultra-secure Processing of any business applications as well as the storage, management and protection of sensitive data and digital assets. Its cyber security solutions can be deployed not only for ultra-safe application and data protection in general but also for blockchain based technologies.

ARCATrust has already 13 highly experienced specialists for hardware based cyber security and future-proof cryptography, of which almost half hold PhD degrees mostly from EPFL and ETH. Spread over the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne and TrustSquare in Zürich, this investment will enable the development of additional solutions, strengthen its organization and accelerate the implementation of its ambitious strategies.

After its data protection and processing platform has been successfully validated by significant uses cases in the financial markets and the loT space in 2018, ARCATrust aims to expand its "Swiss Quality and Engineering" internationally in sectors where the risks of cyberattacks are especially high and potentially damaging. It plans to quadruple its sales and access new markets both nationally and internationally by 2019.

(Press release)