CUTISS closes series B funding


Medtech start-up CUTISS today announced it has successfully closed its series B financing round. The fundraising aiming at CHF 20 million was eventually oversubscribed.


It is CUTISS’ ambition to file for market authorization with denovoSkin, the Company’s unique personalized skin technology to treat skin defects, i.e. due to burns, in Switzerland and in the European Union in 2022. The proceeds will allow CUTISS to further progress denovoSkin. Upcoming key inflection points include the completion of the ongoing clinical phase II trials, the scale-up of the manufacturing at the Biotechnopark in Zurich-Schlieren, and the successful implementation of a prototype machine for the automated production of large quantities of skin from a small piece of healthy skin.

Dr. Daniela Marino, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of CUTISS AG, commented: “We feel very lucky and privileged that we have closed an oversubscribed series B financing round. We will invest these proceeds circumspectly, aiming at improving burn patients’ lives.”

Giammaria Giuliani, Co-Founder of Gisev Family office and Member of the Board of Directors of CUTISS, added: “It has been an honor acting as lead investor for this series B financing round. The support by the Wyss Foundation as well as new and existing private investors and family offices demonstrates the potential many investors see in CUTISS’ vision and strategy.”

(Press release / SK)