CTI Startup Label for medtech and micro technology startups

Three startups have received the CTI Startup label from the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation. The startups, NeoCoat, Piavita (Picture above) and Vigilitech, which received the label are offering innovative solutions ranging from diamond coating technologies to veterinary and animal monitoring.

The CTI Startup Label is awarded to startups that have successfully completed the third phase of the CTI Startup coaching. The label is awarded by the Certification Board – comprising of seasoned entrepreneurs and experts – of the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation. The Label acts as a symbol of maturity and market readiness.

The new Label holders are:

NeoCoat SA , La Chaux-de-Fonds
NeoCoat SA is a high-tech company active in the field of CVD (Chemical vapor deposition) Diamond Coating Technology. Its thin diamond films have various applications and the company focuses its offer of CVD-diamond coating on Microsystems, mechanical or micromechanical parts and doped-diamond electrodes. Since their foundation in 2013, NeoCoat’s headquarter and production facility is located in the Science and Technology Park Neode in canton Neuchâtel

The company does business worldwide by developing new applications and products, either with industrial partner or OEM, by selling components, products, processes and engineered equipments, directly or through partners and sales representatives.

Piavita AG, Zürich (Picture above with CTI Coach)
Piavita AG is a Zurich-based medtech start-up aiming at revolutionizing the veterinary industry. Piavita provides vets and pet-owners with small med tech devices to measure vital signs of animals. The Piavita Vet System measures Electrocardiogram (ECG), Pulse Sequence & Heart Rate, Respiration Sequence & Rate, Body Core Temperature and Motion Level & Patterns non-invasively trough the hair coat of the horse.Thanks to the state-of-the-art sensor technologies, the machine learning based data processing and the small size their device allows for easy, innovative, and precise measurement of vital signs of horses. Moreover, without bothering the animal, the device can gather and deliver an accurate diagnosis. First devices have already been delivered to veterinary clinics.

Vigilitech AG, Heiden AR
Vigilitech aims to offer new embedded hard- and software product that allows easy to use animal monitoring with improved performance and flexibility. The company developed MARTA(Monitoring Animals in Research withTechnology andApplication), a compact stand-alone system for mice. The system helps researchers monitor vital physiological parameters non-invasively during surgical interventions. Connected wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet, the available software application for Android, OSX and Windows visualizes core temperature, respiration and heart rate. Acquired data, additional notes and photos can be synchronized with the Vigilitech cloud. Researchers can access their monitor log, share it with others, use analysis tools and export data for their research. Due to their innovative technology, Vigilitech won venturekick final and has been selected finalist in other awards.