CreatorSpace raises $1.6M pre-seed round with Sequoia

The Zurich-based startup launched its platform four months ago to help engineering and design talent showcase their projects, find opportunities and connect to like-minded peers. The $1.6M pre-seed funds will enable the startup to solidify its business idea and identify a product market fit.

Creators (engineers, designers and other content creators) often face challenges in proving their skills and finding the right people who share their values and want to work on joint projects. CreatorSpace bridges this gap by providing a platform through which creators can showcase their skills, present their interests or find collaborators outside their inner circle. Individuals seeking new opportunities also have the chance to find projects.

While in the beta phase, CreatorSpace has already attracted a cohort of early adopters. Explaining their business model, the company explained that: “CreatorSpace aims to sell access to a detailed understanding of what engineering and design talent is working on and who they are working with. CreatorSpace can do this because our platform helps to build up a database about (1) what people are currently working on, (2) who they are working with, (3) the applied technology, (4) the duration of the project, (5) the main idea, (6) how iterations of the product look like, and much much more.”

In May this year, CreatorSpace became one of the first startups to join the Sequoia Arc Europe, an 8-week acceleration program designed for ambitious European seed-stage founders. The premier cohort comprises 17 startups that will benefit from various sessions, including Company Design—the Sequoia way to start, build and scale enduring companies—with a curriculum tailor-made to help catalyze European businesses. Alongside best practices, startups get access to peers, mentors, and customers. The program was thus a springboard for CreatorSpace to launch its business.

The startups also receive an upfront investment to help jumpstart their business. This saw CreatorSpace raise a $ 1.6 million pre-seed round led by Sequoia Capital Arc, with participation from the Gaingels Network, NEXTBLUE, and Thilo Konzok. The investment will enable the team of four to get to product market fit.