Creating a breeding ground for foreign startups in Switzerland


Switzerland’s startup support organizations, through their accelerator programs, are opening doors to startups from abroad to benefit from the programs. Organizers of the Kickstart Accelerator, Bic of CERN, BaseLaunch, the International Create Challenge and the F10 P2 programs invite startups to submit their applications.


Typically, accelerator programs offer startups the opportunity to explore and learn about the desired market, establish contacts with potential partners, investors or customers and meet like-minded people. While Swiss startups continue to benefit from such programs offered by organizations in neighboring and overseas countries, as shown in the previous news articles, Swiss organizations have also made it their mission to tailor their programs to startups from in-and beyond the Swiss border.   Previous programs pioneered by the Kickstart Accelerator program have attracted foreign startups to Switzerland such as today’s AI-based Rosie reality. The startup entered Switzerland from the United Kingdom in 2017 as ‘Project Rosie’. Today, Rosie Reality is incorporated in Zurich and has continued to embrace its success. Other examples are also shown in F10's P2 cohort of 2018. To enable more foreign startups to benefit from Switzerland’s vibrant startup scene, six accelerator programs have launched programs tailored to both Swiss and foreign startups. The following programs are open for application.   Kickstart Accelerator – now in the 4th edition, the program is looking for startups with solutions in the verticals of EdTech & Learning, FinTech & Digital Assets, Food & Retail Tech and Smart City & Technology. Fifty startups will enter the program. Registration close on 17th May.   BIC of CERN – is a high-tech funding program that connects young companies with accelerator technologies to develop innovative products and solutions. Selected companies will join a two-year program. Registration closes on 31st May. SeedStars – through its SeedStars Summit the program convenes likeminded people from all over the in Lausanne to exchange with startups and experts. Early stage startups from emerging markets will compete for the Seedstars Global award which comes with a prize of CHF 500K. BaseLaunch – run in two phases, the life sciences accelerator program offers non-dilutive financial support to startups to accelerate the development of their solutions. Startups from abroad may apply on the condition that they establish operations in Basel during the second phase of the program. Application deadline closes on 15 May. International Create Challenge – during the three weeks program, eight teams from across the world will receive resources to accelerate the transformation of ideas into Minimum Viable Products. Selected companies receive funding and coaching. Submission closes on 25th May. F10 P2 program - the six months "Prototype to Product" (P2) program provides support and funding to international teams or Startups with a prototype in FinTech, RegTech, or InsurTech to transform their prototype into sellable products. The registration is now open.(RAN)