Creathor Ventures joins SICTIC


Swiss startups may look forward to larger sums in their seed financing rounds. Creathor Ventures with over EUR 230 million under management has joined the Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC) as preferred co-investor.


Creathor Ventures is a European investment fund focusing on technology-oriented, fast-growing companies at all stages. Its fields of specialization include Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Industry Tech and Enabling Platforms in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France and the Nordics. The organisation has completed over 220 startup investments while sharing its expertise to bring value to entrepreneurs.

Creathor ventures has now joined the Swiss ICT Investor  Club (SICTIC) as a preferred co-investor. Not only has this fusion expanded the team to 200 angel investors, it will enable the united firms to close significantly larger Seed funding rounds for Swiss deep tech startups much faster.

At the same time, it de-risks the investment by the preferred co-investors because angels have already challenged the startup team and business case and decided to invest themselves. SICTIC actively introduces their Preferred Co-Investors to the lead investors and the startup founders. This also saves a significant amount of time in deal screening for the Preferred Co-Investors and startups get to close their investment rounds faster.

Creathor Ventures’ management team consists of the Managing Partners Gert Köhler, Karlheinz Schmelig and Cédric Köhler, three partners and a team of 13 staff members in offices in Frankfurt and Zurich. The team has been investing successfully in start-ups for over 30 years and has conducted more than 20 international IPOs during that time.

Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC) is a business angel-club lead by Thomas Dübendorfer, the president. SICTIC organizes Investor Days in Zürich, Baar, Zug, Geneva, Lausanne, Lugano and in Liechtenstein and is focused on connecting Swiss early-stage deep tech startups with its smart money investor community of more than 200 angel investors.

Photo L-R: Anca Albu, Rüdiger Petrikowski,  Bolko Hohaus, Dr. Oliver Staffelbach, Dr. Thomas Dübendorfer, Nina Portier Reinhart, Thomas Kern, Ralph Mogicato and Alain Dargham

(Press release/RAN)