Cosmobutler launches home services marketplace


Cosmobutler has launched a game-changing home services marketplace with advantages for the customer and a software bringing local service provider to the digital era. As the company is profitable, the expansion is financed from its own cash-flow.


To date, Cosmobutler has successfully executed more than 30,000 orders for laundry and carpet cleaning in Switzerland. The founders Alex Benincà and Alexandra Gastpar have now launched a new marketplace. It offers a 360° solution to cover the demand for a broader scope of high-quality home services, including home cleaning, moving-out cleaning, window cleaning, laundry & dry cleaning, and carpet cleaning with pick-up and delivery service. “For each of the new services we currently have 7 service providers on offer, who cover an ample price range. Additional partners are being onboarded on an ongoing manner”, explains Alex Benincà, Founder and CEO of Cosmobutler. From January the platform will cover all of German-speaking Switzerland. Cosmobutler lets customers book local cleaning service providers with just a few clicks. The team has developed a simplified booking process with only three steps. The booking is submitted directly to the service provider, who can confirms the date directly. "A time-consuming apartment inspection before the cleaning is no longer necessary," says Alex Benincà. "We have simplified the process in close cooperation with our service providers so that the information provided in the order process is sufficient to start the order immediately. Compared to alternative providers, the customer does not have to worry about the registration, insurance, or tax accounting of the cleaning staff. At Cosmobutler, the displayed price is all-inclusive, without any additional surprises.“ Cosmobutler was founded by Alex Benincà and Alexandra Gastpar. The on-demand platform for home services has been active in Switzerland since 2011. “As we are profitable, we are financing the marketing and expansion from our own cashflow”, explains Alex Benincà. In addition, the company closed a partnership with Ökk Versicherung, which promotes the marketplace and services to all Ökk clients. Advantages for service providersCosmobutler's booking software provided to its partner companies free of charge brings the local cleaning industry into the digital 21st century. "Previously, the companies received their inquiries by telephone or email," adds Mr. Benincà. "They often prepared quotations before the daily business, and it was not uncommon for a day to start at 4 a.m. On average, only 2 out of 100 quotes lead to an order. Home inspections and presentations to the customer remained unpaid. Together with managing the employee calendar, invoicing and dunning procedures, this meant an average of 6 hours of administration per customer. At Cosmobutler, the booking is made directly and bindingly with the service provider. Our system automatically generates the invoices and also starts dunning runs automatically. With the software, they can coordinate the deployment of employees for the booked appointments." Additionally, payments for non-binding inquiries, as is the case on comparison portals, are no longer necessary. Cosmobutler only charges the service providers a small commission for binding orders from the marketplace. (SK)