Companies selected for the next Venture Day Romandie

For the next Swiss Venture Day Romandie, eight startups have been selected to pitch to the audience and investors. These include; 3Brain, ChemAlive, Di.Meliora, Headswap, Lambda, Sensiwall, SUINCoL and WeHike.

Swiss startup Invest is organising the 5nd Swiss Venture Day in Romandie on the 23 November 2016. Seven start-ups will present their company in 6 Minutes pitches followed by 6 minutes Q&A.

Selected startups are;

3Brain3Brain’s BioCAM system is a new generation high-resolution microelectrode platform. Briefly, the unique capability to spatially and temporally resolve extracellular signals over a large field of view makes the BioCAM platform a unique experimental tool to image spiking, bursting and field potential activities in networks of cultured neurons, in acute preparations of brain tissue or other electrogenic cell cultures such as cardiac tissue preparations. 3Brain’s technology is the result of several years of developments and of experience on CMOS-MEA chips. After years of incubation and further developments at the Swiss Center of Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM), 3Brain GmbH was started in February 2011.

ChemAlive ChemAlive SA serves an online computational chemistry platform that delivers highly accurate analytics for all of chemistry through its managed cloud computing, its in-house automation algorithms and its large-scale database. Through one-button, barrierless, access to state-of-the-art methods in chemical theory, the platform allows for fast and efficient results with up-to-date methodologies useful to experts and non-experts alike in academia, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and contract research (manufacturing) organizations (CR(M)Os). The ultimate goal of ChemAlive SA is to allow the full and automatic calculation of reliable quantum data for molecular properties and synthetic reactions available to all chemists from basic 2D chemical syntax towards the total in silico prediction of chemical processes.

Di.Meliora The very experienced Di.Meliora team developed a dental implant with unique design. The implant addresses two unsolved issues that are bone augmentation for optimal implant placement and implant surface cleaning in case of inflammation offering superior results in terms of marginal bone level around implant collar.

Headswap The Headswap makes knowledge transferable by allowing anybody to create, list, manage, and enrol in local courses and classes. The Headswap platform takes unused spaces (shops, offices, schools) and fills them with potential learning activities – such as yoga classes, languages courses –  that are five minutes away from anyone’s desk, and flexible enough to fit around business meetings. And by managing everything through the platform the startup cuts the administration costs by 80-90%.

SensiwallEstablished in 2016, the startup has developed a new technology called smart training walls. Designed for soccer with the help of several trainers, Sensiwall allows to reproduce game-like situations. By focusing on field awareness, vision, motor function and execution speed, Sensiwall trains and improves players' technique and cognitive capabilities.

SUINColMore than 200 million women worldwide suffer from urinary incontinence. The SUINCoL team has developed a unique technology that cures incontinence in a simple procedure at your doctor’s office. SUINCoL’s patented injectable therapy regenerates the bladder muscles of patients suffering from incontinence. Initial animal results showed a first proof of concept.

WeHikeis a one-stop website for Hiking trips in 1 click. Users can join the hiking community and meet other outdoors lovers. The platform, provides various hiking trips that match one’s fitness level, experience and preferences.

In addition there will be one update pitch (3 min + 3 min Q&A):

Lambda Lambda Health System is a spin-off of the School of Business and Engineering of Canton de Vaud, focusing on development, production and commercialization of a rehabilitation robot for the lower limbs. The team developed "the Lambda", a rehabilitation device that offers the freedom of a plan workspace in which the leg can be manipulated throughout almost its entire working area. Because of this quality, various existing and innovative exercices and therapies could be realized without patient transfert between machines, including Serious Games and Virtual Reality applications.