Companies and investors selected for third Swiss Fintech Pitch

The Swiss Fintech will connect entrepreneurs with investors, corporates, and media. 5 start-ups and four investors have now been select for the even taking place on 11 October at Landesmuseum Zurich. 

The standard pitch format is ignored for the event. Instead, the day starts with 1on1 matching to get past first impressions, after lunch, investors and companies present how they add value for entrepreneurs, and only once this is done, entrepreneurs present their cases in board room style dialogue about fundraising goals and the company's performance, opportunities, challenges, and so on. The final touch is that investors judge startups and vice versa, but the audience also has a vote.

The selected companies include:

BeeSolar offers a new type of impact investment by installing solar panels on residential buildings in Switzerland. The electricity is directly sold to the tenants and BeeSolar clients receive a return on investment. Currently, BeeSolar develops a pilot project.  

A crowdlending platform launched in January 2016. Thanks to the platform’s efficient processing, lenders earn higher returns, at comparable risks, than with conventional banking products. At the same time, borrowers get funding at more favourable rates than traditional banks can offer.  

Werthstein offers clients a cost-efficient way to invest in broadly diversified and individual securities portfolios. Investing in current economic, technological or social trends – Zeitgeists – plays an important role in the Werthstein model. Werthstein focuses on providing its clients with comprehensive and holistic information on the development of their investments  

A payments marketplace of payment micro-services designed to bridge market and company-internal limitations and modernise the flow of money. This puts IMburse at the forefront of the tech startup world with regards to automated payment platforms enabling companies to design new, flexible business models and deliver improved customer experiences and move money between services, systems, industries and vendors completely freely. 

Protos Cryptocurrency Asset Management
Protos intends to apply institutional asset management rigor to cryptocurrency and digital token investing and inform its strategy by capturing and analyzing the necessary market data. The firm intends to also invest in the digital assets of teams that solve difficult problems with highly technical solutions in defensible and scalable markets, building systems to evaluate the underlying data of these teams and their tokens. 

The selected investors for pitching are:

More information and registration on the website of the Swiss Finance and Technology Association.