Climeworks: highly requested partner for European projects

Climeworks develops a filtering system to capture CO2 from ambient air. The startup will participate in three European Projects worth a sum of 64 million Euros. Climeworks delivers a CO2 capture plant and several demonstrators of its direct air capture technology. In addition, Climeworks announced the opening of a German branch.

Climeworks’ DAC-technology is based on a cyclic adsorption-desorption process which employs a novel filter material. The technology covers 90% of its energy demand with low temperature waste process heat. The remaining energy is required as electricity for pumping and control purposes during the operation of the plant.

Climeworks will deliver this technology to the following three European projects; STORE&GO – Power to Gas, Celbicon – Power to Chemicals and Kopernikus – power to X.



Players in the Store&Go – power-to-Gas project aim at compensating the fluctuating Supply of renewable energy by implementing three large-scale storage concepts in Switzerland Germany and Italy. Climework’s role in this project is to provide atmospheric CO2 for the location in Troia, Italy.



The second project, Celbicon – Power to Chemicals, comprises of partners from the research and cleantech industry, who joined hands to establish new highly efficient & robust CO2-to-chemicals technologies. This will be supported by Climeworks, through the provision of its atmospheric CO2 for electro-catalytic and biological transformation to base chemicals. The project is sponsored by the European Union and the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation.



Lastly is the Kopernikus sub-project Power-to-X for which Climeworks will provide infrastructure to capture CO2 from the air. The project aims at decarbonizing energy systems and simultaneously reducing the proportion of fossil fuels in markets of energy, transport/traffic and chemicals.



Establishment of the Climeworks Deutschland GmbHIn August 2016 Climeworks founded its first foreign branch in Germany; a 100 per cent subsidiary which operates under the name Climeworks Deutschland GmbH. This subsidiary is involved in the Kopernikus project and has its registered office in Dresden.

(Picture: Climeworks)