Clickahoy launches the Internet of Boats


The Zurich-based startup clickahoy has successfully launched its platform for boats. The solution includes a seaborne-computer, an app and an ecosystem of partners providing security, control and comfort to boat owners. First smart boats are already crossing the water.


The marine-tech start-up clickahoy digitizes boats and integrates them together with partners around the boat on a single platform. This provides added value for boat owners who benefit from more security, control and comfort, and simplifies interaction with the shipyards and other partners around the boat. Thanks to clickahoy, boat owners can check their fuel level, monitor the board electronics and check their location in real time. The consumption of individual trips as well as a complete overview can be accessed at any time in the digital logbook. Partners around the boat get access to this data and information and can use their own dashboard to get even more organized and make use of the data.

Boats can be digitized in a few steps thanks to the installation of the seaborne-computer (clickahoy delivers a package with all necessary components) and connected to the clickahoy mobile app. The business model, which integrates partners as multipliers, is based on a one-time sale of the hardware (seaborne-computer) and an annual fee for the use of the software (mobile app).

clickahoy solution

Market launch during corona virus crisis

With a market launch at the end of April, clickahoy was able to achieve its goals and serve its first customers, which means that various smart boats are already crossing the water. According to Christian Fehr, Co-Founder and CEO of clickahoy, the corona virus had also raised awareness of digitalization in the boating environment and increased its attractiveness: "Boat owners and especially partners around the boat such as shipyards recognize the benefits of digital solutions when no or less interaction is possible. In addition, leisure activities in the immediate vicinity are becoming more attractive again, which is also being noticed by the boating industry through increased demand".

Close to customers and partners

In addition to pre-orders, clickahoy can already count on commited partners who not only act as multipliers but are also part of the ecosystem. “Continuous demand and the noticeable interest of partners make the team confident: "Because we are close to our customers and talk to them a lot, our customers are not only a part of the development process and help us to make clickahoy even more attractive, but we also know exactly what they want. We are therefore confident that we will not only overcome the corona-crisis, but also make a lasting impact on the boating industry in the long term" says Christian Fehr.

An ecosystem for the maritime environment

The goal of clickahoy is to build and operate a unique ecosystem. In a first phase, boats will be digitalized and integrated together with partners around the boat on a platform that already allows interaction. This will allow clickahoy to offer an ecosystem with different services on it, which will create a multiple added value for all involved and will lead to a whole new boating experience.

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Picture: b1-foto, Pixabay